Toyota RAV4>> System of ignition>> Precautionary measures at operation and repair of system of ignition
During the work with system of ignition take the following measures:
– do not detain a key in the ignition lock in situation "Ignition Is Included" more than 10 with if the engine is not launched;
– you carry out connection of a tachometer according to its maintenance instruction. Some tachometers can be incompatible with this system of ignition;
– do not connect the ignition coil plug to "weight";
– at the working engine do not disconnect the plug from the rechargeable battery.
In electronic system of ignition tension of ignition makes more than 30 kV. Under adverse circumstances (the increased humidity in a motor compartment) peaks of tension can punch isolation and at a touch to cause shock.
In order to avoid injuries and damages of system of ignition during the work on system consider the following:
— do not touch by a hand and do not disconnect an ignition wire on the working engine or at a provorachivaniye of a bent shaft of the engine a starter;
— disconnect wires of system of ignition, connect and switch-off any measuring devices only at the switched-off ignition;
— when heating more than on 80 °C (for example, when painting the car), do not start the engine directly after heating;
— you do not make a wash of the engine when it is started;
— when carrying out electrowelding works switch-off the rechargeable battery;
— it is forbidden to perform works on repair of system of ignition to persons with an electropacemaker.