Toyota RAV4>> Coupling>> Working cylinder of coupling
You make removal of the working cylinder of coupling as follows:
Switch off ignition and disconnect a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery.
Turn out a connecting nut and disconnect the tube transferring liquid pressure from the main cylinder of coupling from the working cylinder. Otvorachivany a connecting nut you carry out by a cutting cap key not to damage a side on a nut. Collect by rags the flowed-out brake fluid.
Turn out bolts of fastening and remove the working cylinder of coupling.
You make installation of the working cylinder of coupling as follows:
Install the working cylinder on a coupling case, at the same time be convinced that the pusher entered dredging of a fork of switching off of coupling, and fix it by bolts, having tightened them at this stage by hand.
Connect a tube to the working cylinder of coupling and fix it by a connecting nut. Finally tighten bolts of fastening of the working cylinder of coupling the moment of 12 N · m.
Add brake fluid in a tank of the brake system and remove air from the hydraulic drive of coupling as it is described in appropriate section.