Toyota RAV4>> Transmission>> Repair of the transmission
The transmission represents the difficult unit and therefore it is recommended to repair it at the specialized enterprises of car service. At removal and installation of many details it is required to measure gaps and to adjust them, using adjusting laying and washers. If the transmission is faulty or works with strong noise, it is desirable to charge its repair to the expert or to replace the transmission that can cost considerably cheaper. However a part of malfunctions of the transmission can be eliminated without removal it from the car.
Despite all difficulties, the skilled expert can repair the transmission and in garage conditions, having the special tool and performing work consistently, step by step noting the executed operations. Repair of the transmission will require strippers for lock rings, strippers of bearings, the inertial return hammer, a set of punches, a micrometer, a hydraulic press and other specialized tool.
Before removal of the transmission try to define precisely malfunction of the transmission that considerably will facilitate further repair. Define the nature of malfunction: electric, mechanical or hydraulic. The majority of checks demands that the transmission was installed on the car therefore do not remove the transmission from the car for repair before malfunction is professionally revealed.