Toyota PAB4-Toyota RAV4
1. Operation of the car
2. Maintenance
   General information on operational materials and adjusting data
   Volumes and frequency of maintenance
      Weekly or each 400 km of a run
      Operations, the carried-out each 5000 km or 3 months
      Operations, the carried-out each 12 000 km or 6 months
      Operations, the carried-out each 24 000 km or 12 months
      Operations, the carried-out each 50 000 km or 24 months
      Operations, the carried-out each 100 000 km or 48 months
   Check of levels of operational liquids
   Survey of tires and check of pressure of air
   Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
   Check and replacement of rubber tapes of brushes of a screen wiper
   Check and adjustment of a free wheeling of a pedal of coupling
   Check, service and charging of the rechargeable battery
   Check, adjustment of a tension and replacement of a poliklinovy belt of the drive of hinged units
   Check and replacement of hoses in a motor compartment
   Shift of wheels
   Check of a condition of seat belts
   Check of a condition of brakes (each 24 000 km or 12 months)
   Replacement of the air filter
   Check of fuel system
   Check of level of oil in the mechanical transmission
   Check of level of oil in the transfer case of cars with the automatic transmission
   Check of a condition of a suspension bracket and steering
   Check of protective covers of power shafts
   Check of level of oil in reverse main gear on all-wheel drive cars
   Replacement of the filter of ventilation of salon on cars since 2001
   Replacement of brake fluid
   Replacement of the fuel filter on release cars till 2001
   Check and replacement of spark plugs
   Check and replacement of a cover and rotor of the distributor of ignition
   Replacement of cooling liquid and washing of the cooling system
   Check of system of regeneration of vapors of fuel
   Check of system of production of the fulfilled gases
   Replacement of oil and the filter in the automatic transmission
   Replacement of oil in the mechanical transmission
   Replacement of oil in the transfer case on all-wheel drive cars with the automatic transmission
   Replacement of oil in reverse main gear on all-wheel drive cars
   Check and replacement of the valve and hose of ventilation of a case (PCV)
   Check and adjustment of gaps in the drive of Valves
3. Engines
4. Cooling systems and conditioning
5. Fuel system and system of production of the fulfilled gases
6. System of ignition
7. The control system and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
8. Coupling
9. Transmission
10. Driveshaft and shaft of the drive of driving wheels
11. Brake system
12. Suspension bracket
13. Steering and running gear
14. Body
15. Electric equipment
Schemes of electric equipment

Toyota RAV4>> Maintenance>> Volumes and frequency of maintenance

The description of the checks and adjustments necessary for maintenance of high operational qualities of the car, profitability, safety of the movement and durability is provided in this chapter.
To ensure reliable functioning of the car during the entire period of operation, you make maintenance in due time. The manufacturer established the frequency of maintenance given below.
If the car is operated under trying conditions, for example, at the increased dust content, with the trailer, at small speeds or at a large number of trips on short distances, it is recommended to reduce intervals between maintenance.
In case maintenance is carried out irregularly, normal operation of units and devices of the car is broken. Especially it concerns the engine of the used car which was not exposed to regular or timely checks. In such cases besides periodic maintenance it is necessary to perform additional adjustment works.
If there are suspicions on wear of the engine, then for obtaining preliminary information on a condition of tsilindroporshnevy group of the engine check a compression. On the basis of these data it is possible to gain an impression about the volume and degree of complexity of the forthcoming works. If, for example, results of measurement of a compression obviously indicate strong wear of the engine, then routine maintenance will not lead to restoration of normal operational qualities, and all works will be inexpedient. Such engine will need capital repairs with full dismantling.
Irregular service can become the reason of bad operation of the engine. In that case execute the following:
– clear, examine and check the rechargeable battery;
– check levels of oil and cooling liquid, if necessary add;
– replace spark plugs;
– check a state and a tension of poliklinovy belts;
– check a condition of the air filter, if necessary replace it;
– check a condition of all hoses (branch pipes) and their tightness;
– check a condition of a cover and a rotor of the distributor of ignition and high-voltage wires, if necessary replace worn-out details;
– check system of power supply;
– check a power supply system.
Below amounts of works of the maintenance which is carried out according to recommendations of manufacturer are described.