Toyota RAV4>>
The "parquet" SUV (leisure activity vehicle) with the bearing body of the Toyota RAV4 appeared in the market in 1994 and at once became popular, thanks to a combination of consumer qualities.
The first cars were issued only in three-door option with short base. In a year the long-wheelbase five-door version appeared. Bright appearance and a close driver's seat with a small steering wheel and the drowned scales of devices create an image of the SUV of sports type.
In the extended version due to increase in interaxal distance and a back sves the comfort on back seats increased and the volume of the luggage compartment increased.
RAV4 complete set strongly depends on sales market. In particular, the lifting and movable panel of a roof was offered as an option. If on five-door cars the roof panel glass with the electric drive, then on three-door cars two metal removable panels of a roof were installed. They can be removed and fixed on inside of a door of the luggage compartment that turns the car almost into a cabriolet.
In factory execution upholstery of salon only fabric.
Insignificant restyling is carried out in 1997. As a result the design of a forward part changed. Bumpers and plastic slips on boards began to be painted by enamel, and forward indexes of turn, instead of orange became white.
The second restyling was carried out in 2001 as a result of which serious changes were made to a car design, such as change of appearance, dashboards, installation of absolutely new engine, is carried out modernization of a lobby and back suspension bracket with installation on a back suspension bracket of the stabilizer of cross stability.
The Toyotas RAV4 released only with the 2,0 l petrol engine and four valves on each cylinder. Till 2001 the engine 3S-FE which was developed on the basis of the engine of the Toyota Carina E car was installed. The block of cylinders is manufactured their cast iron, and a block head of aluminum alloy. The drive of camshafts is carried out by a gear belt.
RAV4 released both with forward, and with the four-wheel drive. Front-wheel cars were generally delivered on the American market. Cars with the constant four-wheel drive have uniform distribution of torque between forward and back wheels. On cars with the mechanical transmission the interaxal differential has compulsory blocking by the button on the dashboard while on cars with the automatic transmission the multidisk coupling works with electronic control. On some cars the back interwheel differential of the increased friction is established.


Toyota RAV4>>

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